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Hostus是一家美国的 vps 主机商,在国内有一定知名度,有不少国内用户使用 hostus 主机。主要特点是洛杉矶机房接入 CN2 线路,openvz 主机价格便宜,折后只要月付 2 美元左右,支持支付宝付款。今天主要介绍下 hostus 更换 ip、续费、退款等相关规则,信息均来自于 hostus 官网或客服人员。

Hostus 更换 ip、vps 主机续费等相关规则说明

Hostus 更换 ip

Hostus vps 被墙后可以,发工单请求更换 ip,5 美元每次,保证更换后的 IP 可用。官方客服人员答复如下。

If my IP is blocked by GFW, can I apply for change ip?- **Yes there is a cost of $5 for every IP change
How can I change ip? -** If you log a ticket we can do that for you**
Can you promise that the changed ip is available in China?- Yes an new IP would be a working IP

Hostus vps 主机续费

Hostus 会在 vps 主机快到期前发送续费账单,月付主机在到期前七天发送,季付主机在到期前九天发送,半年付主机在到期前 12 天发送,年付主机在到期前 14 天发送。也可以发工单提前续费。另外,主机到期 3 天后会被暂停,到期 7 天后会被销毁。

Hostus 官网关于续费说明

Renewal invoices for services are generated based on the following schedule, unless a service cancellation request is received.
Billing  Period      Days before service due date
Monthly                     7
Quarterly                    9
Semi-Annually         12
Annually                  14
You will receive an email once an invoice is generated and it may be paid at any time, up to the due date. Invoice payment reminders are sent for unpaid invoices within 2 days of the due date.
Overdue invoices may result in service suspension and/or termination.

If you would like to renew your service early, please contact us.

Hostus 客服关于续费答复

After the vps host expires, how long will you destory the machine without renewal- it is suspended after 3 days and terminated after 7

hostus 推荐主机套餐


KVM 主机,Kvm 主机支持 linux 和 windows 操作系统,全部采用千兆端口

CPU 内存 磁盘 流量 价格 链接
1 核 512M 25G 750G/月 4.35/月 链接
2 核 1G 45G 1T/月 7.95/月 链接
2 核 2G 75G 2T/月 13.95/月 链接
3 核 3G 100G 3T/月 19.95/月 链接


CPU 内存 虚拟内存 磁盘 流量 价格 链接
1 核 512M 512M 10G 250G/月 5.95/季 链接
1 核 768M 768M 20G 500/月 7.95/季 链接
2 核 1G 1G 50G 1T/月 4.95/月 链接
2 核 2G 2G 75G 2T/月 6.95/月 链接
4 核 3G 3G 120G 3T/月 8.95/月 链接
4 核 4G 4G 150G 4T/月 11.95/月 链接


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